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Soul Space

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This is a space where we invite you to let go of your everyday life to completely arrive into your body and reconnect with your soul.

A space where performance, perfection, and the pursuit of attaining a future goal has no importance, what matters here is what you feel on the inside. Giving yourself time and space to explore your body, ask the bigger questions, and receive deeper answers. Are you ready for a journey into the unknown which brings you home?

This is not just a yoga retreat, meditation course or health detox – it is a complete experience for the mind, body & soul. Our concept is designed to, with the help of yoga and meditation as well as other exciting spiritual tools, allow you to explore movement, sensations, stillness, and above all – Yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have, if you are defining yourself as tight or open, strong or weak, old or young – at the soul space you will feel at home.



LYCKHEM. Our new HOME. Our own Soul Space. Located on Väddö, a beautiful island in the Swedish archipelago. Not far from the intensity of Stockholm we arrive at a place where time appears to stand still. The silence takes over. We arrive into our bodies finally together with nature again.


A special retreat for pregnant women. During this retreat we will guide you into your pregnant body through workouts, yoga, and meditations especially adapted for these nine months. In collaboration with Amanda Roynesdotter Bjøru (Doula, Nurse & midwife student) we will also share informative talks about the birth process.


Crossfit, yoga, & meditation retreat for men who want to challenge both inside and the outside. Guided by Karl Dyall & Magnus Fridh you will get the chance to dive into everything from sweaty workouts and ashtanga yoga to calmer mindfulness and yin yoga.



We would love to meet you and share our passion with you!

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This is not just a yoga retreat, meditation course or health detox

It is a complete experience for the mind, body & soul. We love most things that helps us reconnect to our body and move towards our inner self. If you are into naming and definitions, we find inspiration in everything from dynamic Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa to more calm practices such as Yin and Restorative as well as Vipassana, sharing, eye-gazing, dancing, breathwork and active Osho-meditations.

All in all, during our retreats we are mixing and matching traditional yoga with other exciting techniques – and always in favour of a practice that emerge from your inside. A practice where we move together with our body, and not against it. Where we allow freedom of movement rather than forcing the body into strict poses. Where we are sensing the body from the inside rather than getting stuck in the outside look if it. Where we are peeling of layers of tension both in the body and mind to finally arrive all the way inside, to that wordless space where love is grown, what we call


With Love,

The Soul Space Family