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This is a space where we invite you to let go of your everyday life to completely arrive into your body and reconnect with your soul.


A space where performance, perfection, and the pursuit of attaining a future goal has no importance, what matters here is what you feel on the inside. Giving yourself time and space to explore your body, ask the bigger questions, and receive deeper answers. Are you ready for a journey into the unknown which brings you home?

This is not just a yoga retreat, meditation course or health detox - it is a complete experience for the mind, body & soul. Our concept is designed to, with the help of yoga and meditation as well as other exciting spiritual tools, allow you to explore movement, sensations, stillness, and above all – Yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have, if you are defining yourself as tight or open, strong or weak, old or young – at the soul space you will feel at home.

At The

Soul Space

we are thriving

and not just surviving.



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Stockholm Archipelago / From 4.990 SEK


Fully booked!

Steg 2 - Fully booked!

Dates: May 7 - 10, May 14 - 17, May 21 - 24, May 28 - 31, June 4-7

Steg 2 


Château du Grand Val / From 11.950 SEK

Dates: June 27 - July 4, July 4 - 11, July 11 - 18 

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Steg 2


Khola Beach / From 9.950 SEK

Dates: Oct 26 - Nov 2, Dec 28 - Jan 4, January 4 - 11, January 11 - 18, January 18 - 25, Jan 25 - Feb 1, Feb 1 - 8

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Fully booked!

Fully booked!

Steg 2- Fully Booked!

Few spots left!

Fully booked!





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